LTC Gains Momentum as Halving Approaches: On-Chain Metrics Show Promising Growth

• Litecoin (LTC) has seen a surge in on-chain metrics, with a 55 percent increase in new addresses and a 28 percent increase in daily active addresses.
• The upcoming Litecoin halving event, scheduled in less than two months, is expected to have a positive impact on the network.
• Investors are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Litecoin halving which is scheduled ahead this year in August 2023.

Litecoin Gains Momentum as Halving Approaches

Litecoin (LTC) has experienced an increase in on-chain metrics, with a 55 percent rise in new addresses and 28 percent rise in daily active addresses over the past week. This surge comes ahead of the upcoming Litecoin halving event, which is expected to have a positive effect on the network when it occurs less than two months from now.

New Addresses Surge

Crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock reported that total new addresses on the Litecoin blockchain surged by 55 percent last week and daily active addresses increased by 28 percent during the same time period. The remarkable surge has pushed Litecoin’s total number of address beyond 200 million, surpassing Ethereum’s count at 180 million. Despite this impressive growth, Litecoin still lags behind Bitcoin with its 1 billion address count. Nevertheless, the rapid increase of new Litecoin address signifies increasing optimism among investors who are joining the blockchain prior to its halving event.

Halving Event Incoming

Investors remain excited for the upcoming Litecoin halving event which will occur 44 days from now at block height 2,520,000. During this event block rewards will be reduced from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC per block mined . Historically speaking ,halvings often result in substantial price increases for the corresponding cryptocurrency – making more people eager to capitalize on potential gains prior to August 2023 when it takes place .

Impact Of Halving Events

Halvings events reduce inflation rates and can contribute towards an asset becoming scarce – driving up its price due to increased demand . These events can also lead to improvements such as higher transaction speeds due miners incentivized to use more efficient hardware . Further , they can help stabilize prices for longer periods of time as there is no need for sudden price corrections due reducing mining rewards .


The rapid increase in new Litecoin addresses signifies growing optimism among investors hoping to capitalize off potential gains before August 2023 when its halving event takes place . With every passing day we inch closer towards this historic moment that could shape future trends for cryptocurrency markets worldwide .