Chainlink BUILD Program Welcomes Akron Finance: Security & Reliability Keys

• Chainlink welcomes Akron Finance to the Chainlink Build program to accelerate adoption of Akron Crossing Network in DeFi space.
• Akron Finance highlighted security and reliability as key reasons for joining the BUILD program.
• BUILD membership will allow Akron Finance to access secure, high-quality market data, automate a swap function, and access new Chainlink product alpha/beta releases.

Chainlink Welcomes Akron Finance to Build Program

Chainlink has welcomed long-term participants and supporter Akron Finance to its Chainlink Build program. The goal of this is to accelerate the adoption of the Akron Crossing Network within the DeFi space. Security and reliability were noted as key reasons for joining this initiative.

Benefits of Membership

As part of this program, AkronFinance will receive a number of key benefits such as access to secure, high-quality market data through Chainlink Price Feeds; automation of a swap function through Chainlink Automation; and access to new product alpha/beta releases from Chainlink. Additionally, support from the entire Chainlink ecosystem can be expected by being a member of BUILD.

Priority Support from Ecosystem

AkronFinance had already been an active participant in supporting the development of Chainlink prior to joining BUILD. As such, it was only natural that they would take this extra step forward in order to increase their visibility within the larger crypto community and increase their chances for success with projects like Akron Crossing Network.

Enhancing Security & Reliability

At its core, building on top of chain-links oracle infrastructure provides enhanced security and reliability which are two major advantages that cannot be overlooked when it comes to building decentralized applications (dApps). By getting involved in this project, they are able to ensure that their users can enjoy these features while trading large crypto positions with minimal friction on their platform..

Maximizing Adoption

Ultimately, becoming part of BUILD allows for improved potential for maximizing adoption rates for both chain links oracles services as well as those offered byAkronFinance on their platform such as cross network swaps or direct purchases/sales without ever having gone through an exchange . This will make sure that users have more options available when it comes time for them decide what type service is best suited for their needs given any situation or circumstance .