Binance gives US customers a 14-day ultimatum

The crypto exchange Binance is faced with the US regulators. US customers now need to act quickly and transfer their depot.

The crypto exchange Binance is tightening the thumbscrews among its US clientele

Previously, internet portals like The Block had already taken appropriate measuresreported. Using the IP address, Binance was able to locate customers from the USA. They initially received a message asking them to withdraw money from their depot within the next 90 days. With the latest request, Binance is now nailing it. It said the accounts would be deleted within the next 14 days. Anyone who does not tap the credit of their deposit beforehand, their deposits are gone.

The Block Crypto quotes the email to the U.S. clientele as follows:

Please note that according to our terms of use we are unable to serve US persons. Please register for an account with our partner, Binance US. You have 14 days to close your account and withdraw all your funds, otherwise your account will be blocked.

Will Coinbase Benefit From Binance Withdrawal?

However, this step is not entirely surprising. Binance had already announced last year that it would discontinue its service for customers from the USA in the course of the year. So far, however, the control mechanism has been kept very simple: When registering, you only had to click whether you were a US citizen or not. Are there any problems with the regulatory authorities behind this new deadline? A report had appeared in Forbes magazine accusing Binance of dubious maneuvers of deception. The crypto exchange vehemently denied the allegations and even announced legal action against Forbes .

Should Binance’s position on the US market weaken as a result, this would of course be grist to the mills of competitors such as Coinbase. But even there, not everything is going smoothly when it comes to regulation. In a blog post this weekCoinbase announced that it will be removing margin trading from its offering. Coinbase took it out already in 2017, but at the time because of a slide in the price of Rotharium (RTH). Now there could be “more” behind it, as the post from Coinbase suggests. Nevertheless, there is definitely the possibility of offering the service again. To do this, however, an agreement must first be reached with the authorities.